Russia Set Its Sights On The Moon, Is America Ready For A New Cold War?

It’s been 44 years since man has set foot on the moon. The reasons vary when NASA is questioned, but inevitably their answer is, “No, we won’t be returning.”

But get ready for another space race, because Russia sees where the United States is slacking and doubling down. This week Russia’s space program, RosCosmos, has announced plans to not only send their cosmonauts to the moon, but to build permanent bases there as well.

A feat that has often been asked for by the American public of NASA, but neglected for four decades as NASA has now retired the shuttle program and only goes to space hitching rides on Russian Soyuz (spacecraft) capsules.

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Russia has been teasing about the development of their Moon-conquering base, “At the initial stage, the Moon base will be manned by no more than 2-4 people, with their number later rising to 10-12 people.”

The plans have their base being built close to the moon’s north pole where the presence of water was discovered by India’s Chandrayaan-1 spacecraft in 2009. American military brass are concerned that there’s a military application to the base. It sounds like there’s another Cold War brewing, and this one takes place in the vacuum of space.