Russia Warns U.S. Over Naval Incident

Despite what we see in the news, there are almost always constant tensions between the United States and Russia.

For every incident we read about Russian subs showing up off the coast of New York, Florida, or Texas, you can be rest assured that we are doing the exact same thing. This is what countries do. They swim the seas in their giant ships, thinking they own the planet, and act like bullies when they see members of the rival gang. They may exchange some words, make rude gestures, call their mother’s names, but that’s about it. Both sides know that if shots are actually fired it’s going to start something that no side really is prepared to see through to the end.

Russia it seems is acting like a soccer player faking an injury, and saying that they’ve had enough of the United States bullying; as they run to NATO begging for help. The most recent incident in question is that a U.S. Navy Destroyer sailed too close to the Baltic shores, and now Russia warns them.

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Russian envoy Alexander Grushko complained about these tactics,

“This is about attempts to exercise military pressure on Russia. We will take all necessary measures, precautions, to compensate for these attempts to use military force.”

The U.S. Ambassador to NATO, Douglas Lute said that the USS Cook had been on a routine mission near the coast of Poland when, in fact, Russian war planes began harassing the destroyer. The USS Cook’s position was fine, because..

“We were in international waters,” Lute said.

The two sides sat down with NATO to hash things out, but it seems that this is just theatre, and it’s meant to make the public think the superpowers may be on the brink of war if something drastic doesn’t take place.