Russian Facebook Teams Up With Government To Track Down Its Citizens, SCARY!

Facial recognition software is a technology that sends shudders through just as many people as it makes happy.

Through Facebook the masses are being introduced to it on a social level. Facebook automatically tries to identify people for you in your pictures. Some see this as a convenience, while others see it as a massive form of corporate Big Brother building a database over every place you’ve ever been.

Russian tech company, Find Face, is taking facial recognition software to new levels. It’s able to take a photo you capture and upload it, and identify everyone in it with up to a 70% accuracy. It’s mainly used on a Russian social media platform, Vkontakte, which is very similar to Facebook.

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If you interact with social media at all, then you really should just kiss anonymity goodbye altogether. The idea of privacy in 2016 is a misnomer, but it’s sites like this that really drive it home. The scary thing is that someone can take a picture of a crowd, and upload it to FindFace and match people in the crowd to their profiles.

Sounds like open season for creeps and governments that like to know all too well what its citizens are up to.

The company just inked a deal with Moscow to implement its software in 150k CCTV cameras! This way, if a crime is committed and the suspects’ faces are captured on camera, then the authorities can instantly check the footage against the FindFace database!

Russia has long been a totalitarian state, and this is just a nice cherry on the top.

Don’t think this isn’t happening with Facebook. The FBI have already admitted to creating fake profiles to troll suspects in crimes. Facebook’s software doesn’t directly integrate with FindFace, but it seems likely that inroads are being made to make this action much easier.

So what are you to do? Either start wearing sunglasses and a medical mask in public, or just smile.

We are NOT on candid camera…