Putin’s Subs Just Showed Up In The Last Place You’d Want To See Them

As a country there are always threats that the general population will never hear about, and for good reason.

If the White House issued a statement every time a foreign jet fighter or ship got too close to our air space or attempted to provoke a response, then we could have a frenzy of anxiety-ridden citizens on our hands. By and large, the American citizen is content knowing that good men and women stay awake guarding our country at night so the rest of us can sleep.

However, Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy, just returned from an Arctic Circle tour and learned some disturbing news; mainly concerning the fact that Putin’s submarine fleet is very active in these areas.


“No one is suggesting that Putin is contemplating a nuclear launch against a NATO country, but it’s not clear how tethered to reality Putin is, and it should make us nervous that many of his submarines are starting to get dangerously close to the U.S. and our allies.”

Murphy made these comments while delivering a speech in support of U.S. military build-up that can counter what our enemies are doing.

He says that what Putin has been seen doing recently, however, is even more aggressive than what was seen during the days of the Cold War.