Sarah Palin Just Made A HUGE Announcement, This Changes Everything!

Sarah Palin just made an exciting announcement that is going to make HISTORY.

File photo of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin speaking to American Conservative Union's annual CPAC in Washington

The former vice presidential candidate just announced she will be speaking at the National Rifle Association’s Annual Meeting in Nashville this year! Palin- who also spoke at the NRA’s convention last year in Indianapolis- will be joining several other Republican powerhouses like former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, former Senator Rick Santorum, Senator Ted Cruz, the outspoken entrepreneur Donald Trump to speak at the event…. And that’s only a few of the Republican names taking the stage.


The annual NRA convention in Nashville this year is expecting more than 70,000 attendees- making it Nashville’s biggest convention ever. Pretty impressive that Palin will be a part of such a historical event!