Scientist Captures The “The Ice Finger Of Death” As It Comes Down To Freeze Everything

When I read that natives call this bizarre display of nature the ‘Ice Finger of Death’, I was curious. But as I kept watching – it gave me CHILLS. This can’t be real!

Strange rumors have circled throughout the foothills of volcano Mount Erebus about this ‘Ice Finger of Death.’

But when videographers Hugh Miller and Doug Anderson set up their gear, they weren’t prepared to see what their cameras captured. I’m at a loss for words!

Seconds into the video, an eerie, almost ghost-like funnel appears.

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 12.43.38 PM

The mystical form begins to dive downwards, towards the ground.


Then, perhaps in the most devastating part of it all, the creepy form begins to spread across the ground — killing everything in its’ path.


I watched in shock as everything in its’ way was fully enclosed in ice and killed instantaneously. It was utter destruction in a matter of seconds!


You just have to see this to believe it, watch the shocking footage of this newly discovered ‘Ice Finger of Death’:

This is a brinicle forming. It freezes everything it touches.This is a brinicle forming, a.k.a ice finger of death. It freezes everything it touches.A brinicle is a frozen column of ice inside water. Learn more about the brinicles and the filming of this extraordinary event:

Posted by Oxford University Scientific Society on Thursday, November 19, 2015

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen anything so creepy in my life! Have you? What do you think causes this mystical ‘Ice Finger of Death?’