Scientists Caught A Glimpse Of This Rare Shark, And The Mystery Has Only Deepened

Caught on camera for the first time in history; meet the deep sea shark whose shocking attributes put all other sea creatures to shame. This terrifying footage left me at a loss for words. I’ve never seen anything like this in all my life!

There are an estimated 1,200 species of sharks– 20% of which have been discovered only just recently.

It was a usual day just off the coast of Monterey, California, until video captured something bizarre at a depth of 5,400 feet.


The Pointy-Nosed Blue Chimaera, also known as the “Deep Sea Ghost Shark” has been a tall-tale spoken of for hundreds of years– and rarely seen by humans.


But now, thanks to new technology, video equipment has captured this mysterious creature alive on film for the very first time — and the footage does not disappoint.


Ghost sharks are dead-eyed, wing-finned fish rarely seen by people. And as if this “ghost shark” isn’t strange enough, it’s most bizarre feature is a retractable sex organ on its head — and yes, you read that correctly.


This is so crazy, it doesn’t look real. You just have to see it to believe it: 

Isn’t that just the wildest thing you’ve ever seen?!