Scientists Find Never Before Seen Creatures In Cave That Hasn’t Been Open For 5 Million Years

Bugs. The mere thought of them sends shivers down my spine and makes the hair on my arms stand up, but there are a few that are quite fascinating.

Such is the case in these critters who were discovered in a cave that had been isolated for over 5 MILLION YEARS!

Hidden away from the world in the unexplored caves of eastern Romania are some of the coolest/strangest creatures you have never before seen (and I say that as someone who detests bugs). Even better is now we have the pictures to prove it!


The Movile Cave lies a few miles west of the Black Sea, and until recently, had never been explored by human beings (that we know of). And probably for good reason; the creatures who call this cave home are some of the most bizarre looking things we’ve ever seen.


With poisonous air and incredible humidity, conditions are ripe for something strange to be brewing inside the cave. Throw in the fact that the place hasn’t seen the light of day (supposedly) in 5 Million Years and you can pretty much guarantee that this cave is home to a lot of creepy crawlers.


So far approximately 48 different species have been encountered and of them 33 can only be found inside the cave. How the bugs got there in the first place is what scientists are trying to figure out. It is widely believed that they might have just fallen in and have been stuck there ever since!


J. Colin Murrell, a microbiologist from the University of East Anglia, told BBC Earth,

“It’s very likely that the bacteria have been there a lot longer than five million years, but that the insects became trapped there around that time. They could have simply fallen in and become trapped when the limestone cast dropped, sealing the cave until it was discovered again in 1986.”


We’ve only known about the cave’s existence for a mere 30 years and already so much has been discovered. This leads to the question “how many other caves have yet to be discovered?” Who knows what other creatures are out there to be found.


I’m just beyond grateful that these things live so far away, because HOLY COW those are some creepy bugs.