Scientists Found A Way For This Rare Lamb To Be Born, What They Did Is Straight Out Of The Movies

These days, it’s seemingly more and more common to have complications during pregnancy. That includes the mother and the child in utero.

There have been complications since the beginning of time, but the times are changing and our bodies are evolving. New problems are arising.

Is there a potential solution to lessen the difficulties for mom and child throughout pregnancy? There may be one right around the corner thanks to the strides our country is making with modern medicine.

Fetal surgeon, Alan Flake at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia conducted a recent study. He placed an unborn lamb into a “biobag” that provided it with all it needed to continue growing in the “womb”– an artificial womb.

The baby lambs were in the artificial uterus for 4 weeks and scientists have found it was a great success.

Flake stated, “Most of the lambs were euthanized for further study that found normal organ development for their gestational age. One was bottle-weaned and is now more than a year old, apparently healthy and living on a farm in Pennsylvania.”

10% of babies are born prematurely and of those 20-50% face health problems in infancy. Doctors are fighting to drastically change those statistics.

With technology advancing by the minute and medicine continuing to advance, babies have a higher survival rate than ever.

It shouldn’t be possible for a baby to live outside of his or her mother, but in an estimated three years, that might be a possibility. This is based on the study Flake did with 8 baby lambs in his “biobags”.

Doctor Flake stated, “Of course, lambs aren’t humans — and their brains develop at a somewhat different pace. The authors acknowledge that it’s going to take more research into the science and safety of this device before it can be used on human babies.”

It’s reassuring to know that the doctors working of this theory are humble in the findings. They’re continuing to seek more data to make this a lower risk option for babies in the future.

This is not to say that it’s the end of all premature complications. Unfortunately, there will still be cases where even the best technology and medicine can’t save a life.

Doctors are weary of the false hope it may provide for a scared and worried parent. Of course, the goal will always be to save their baby, but sometimes there’s only so much doctors can do.

Flake says, “I’m still blown away, whenever I’m down looking at our lambs. I think it’s just an amazing thing to sit there and watch the fetus on this support acting like it normally acts in the womb. It’s a really awe-inspiring endeavor to be able to continue normal gestation outside of the mom.”

It’s absolutely incredible that this is where modern technology is taking us. The future is here.

As always, there are two opposing views on whether this is wise or not. Some say this is an extra measure that might only delay the inevitable. In doing so, this could cause more harm or distress to the baby.

Like any decision involving a child, the parents have the discernment and authority to choose what they think is best for their baby.

Regardless, the leaps and bounds our nation is making in the medical realm is astounding. With thankful and hopeful hearts, let’s stand behind less babies leaving this planet entirely too early.

More research is to be done, but it’s amazing how far they have come already. Please share this amazing opportunity the future holds!