She Said “No” To Her Husband’s Dying Wish, The Reason Why Will Give You Chills

We all want to leave a great legacy to impact future generations but as hard as it is to believe, there are people who are just flat out selfish and greedy. There’s a chilling story about a man who was very rich and wanted to take his wealth to his grave, literally.

This chilling story involves an incredibly greedy man and his moral kind wife. He worked very hard for all his life and he had plenty of money to show for it.

The only problem was that he though he deserved to keep the money forever.


In his final few days he made his wife promise him to do something unthinkable, bury his money with him. Instead of allowing her to take it all, or giving it all to a charity, or family member, he wanted to be buried with it. He knew she was a woman of integrity and that she would never break a promise.

After the man passed away, and as they were lowering the casket into the grave she stopped everyone for a moment. She then placed a shoe box in the top of the coffin. She then said a sweet goodbye and went on her way.


A short time later she was with a friend who asked her, “Did you really put all his money inside the casket like you promised?” She responded, “Yes I did. I’m a good Christian; I can’t lie or betray his trust like that.” Astonished the friend had to confirm one more time, “You mean to tell me you put every last cent into that casket with him?”

Her response is priceless. “I sure did. I got it all, deposited it into my account, wrote him a check and placed it inside the coffin!”

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