She Saw Something Weird On The Back Of A Semi, When She Got Closer? Whoa!

If you’ve driven anywhere you know that frustrating feeling of being stuck behind a large semi-truck. Behind them, your driving is neither too fast nor too slow. It’s agonizing to be unable to control the road like you could in regular circumstances.

So what do you do? Pass the truck of course! But for many people, that choice has proven deadly. In fact, in Argentina where most of the roads are one lane in either direction, drivers who attempt to pass semi-trucks on the left are being killed in record numbers. Almost one person dies every hour in a traffic accident and 80 percent of them are on roadways.

Understanding the tragic predicament Argentina found itself in, Samsung decided to come up with a solution. So it created this truck and it’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. Wait until you see this…

Isn’t that amazing?! And as busy as our trucking industry is in the United States I can’t wait to see when and how they’re going to implement them here. Hopefully it’s soon! We need trucks like these on our streets to help protect our drivers!