She Wanted To Buy Him His Favorite Meal, But God Told Her To Do Something Completely Different

What follows is an amazing story about a woman who heard God speak to her about helping a homeless man.

The lady was entering a grocery store, when she saw a man sitting outside. It’s winter and it’s cold, and she suddenly heard Jesus tell her that the man likes bananas. She knew she had to buy him bananas, and she also felt the need to buy him some protein.

As she was looking around the store she saw a great fried chicken, but she also felt the Lord distinctly telling her to buy the man some other kind of protein. Reluctantly, she obeyed and went on with her purchases and brought the man the food she bought him.

“This must be your lucky day…”

God was actually talking to someone else about buying the man a fried chicken! He wanted someone else to be in on the action!

The Bible tells us in the book of Job that God is speaking all the time, but men rarely hear Him. It’s easy to read a story like this and get very cynical and ask questions like, “Why doesn’t God care to do something about all the hungry children?” Or whatever your hang up is.

What if God is actually speaking to other people to act and get involved they just don’t know it, or they don’t want to be obedient. God wants to step into people’s lives, but He’s set it up to where He needs willing people to work through.