Signs Of Christ’s Return Have Appeared Across The Country, What I Saw Was Incredible

Wow, these are some of the most breathtaking images I have ever seen.

On the same day, God created these two incredible images, and citizens all over the country took notice.

People in New York and Hawaii were treated to a spectacle the likes of which the world may never see again. The good news, for us, is that just about everyone has a camera on them these days, and they took plenty of pictures.

Take a look at these images, and tell us what YOU think is going on.

This one is from Hawaii. Is it an angel?:

Oh my gosh, this picture taken in Michigan is unbelievable:

Here’s another one taken from New York:

God is an amazing artist, isn’t He? I’m always in awe at God’s glorious creations. We need to share these pictures so the world can witness God’s wonder.

What did YOU see in the sky?