Soldier Stands 9 Hours In Rain With Flag, What Happens Next Will Leave You In Tears

A disabled veteran just taught every American how to give our troops the respect they deserve. This is so inspiring!

What this disabled veteran did to honor the men and women who died while serving in the U.S. military is still captivating Americans.

For many of us, Memorial Day isn’t just a day off from work — it’s a time filled with tears and visiting cemeteries or memorials.

So when this disabled veteran found out the flagpole outside a nearby nursing home was knocked down over the winter, he took it upon himself to create a patriotic display this past Memorial Day.

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In the midst of pouring rain, Army Specialist Darren Swallow stood for more than 9 hours outside of Wingate of Wilbraham in Massachusetts, an assisted living and rehab facility, and held a flag as a tribute to those who served and made the ultimate sacrifice. According to 22News, the veteran, who is disabled following multiple tours in Iraq, arrived at Wingate at around 3:30 A.M. and remained there holding the flag until 1:00 P.M.

“My girlfriend told me yesterday the flagpole behind us was taken down either during a storm or from a plow truck, so I thought I’d come down and honor our veterans, and let them know they have not been forgotten,” Swallow said.

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Anara Dupont, Swallow’s girlfriend, said, “He was very passionate about it when I told him we didn’t have a flag here, he is an angel, he is, he really is one of the best people I’ve ever met in my whole life.”

When I saw how people reacted to Swallow’s act of patriotism, my eyes instantly filled with tears.

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Swallow’s patriotic gesture especially touched the heart of Wingate employee Susan Huart, whose two children and a son-in-law are all in the service.

“Pride. I mean it’s a feel-good story, he’s celebrating the veterans because we didn’t have a flagpole, and he came to celebrate the veterans everywhere,” Huart said.

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The community was so touched by Swallow’s gesture that some parents even drove to the facility to simply thank him and to show their children his inspirational patriotism.

“Absolutely inspired, we came here just to thank him for his service. It’s phenomenal that he’s standing out here for the residents and for our country,” said Chris White of Monson.

In addition to holding the flag in the rain for hours, Swallow went room to room in the nursing home to shake hands with residents that are veterans. Eighty-five-year-old Korean War Veteran, Paul King Sr., became emotional when Swallow visited his room.


“My father sincerely appreciated the visit. My father was tearful when he heard what the soldier was doing and was even more tearful when the soldier came to his room for a visit. God bless America!” King’s daughter, Laura Hendrickson said.

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God bless Darren Swallow! With all the negative news surrounding us lately, stories like this are truly uplifting.

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