His Son Got Invited To The “Satan Club” At Elementary School, When Dad Found Out? HORRIFYING

Parents outside Seattle are concerned about a new after-school program being put on by the local Satanic Temple chapter. And with a name like the “After School Satan Club”, who could blame them?

Believe it or not, that is exactly what is happening in the city of Tacoma, Washington and parents (rightfully so) are outraged. Not only are parents protesting the local Satanic temple wanting to set up shop in the local, Point Defiance Elementary School, some are threatening to pull their kids out of the district entirely.

“We look forward to providing a fun, educational option for Point Defiance students to learn about science, rationalism, and critical thinking” the Satanic Temple’s website reads. “We’ve contacted the Tacoma Public Schools District via email and letter announcing our intentions to start an After School Satan Club at Point Defiance Elementary.”


The head of the Satanic Temple, Lilith Starr, said that the program is an answer to the already existing “Good News Club,” an evangelical after school program that the school currently offers. Starr claims the new program is the answer to help kids get out of a so-called “superstitious worldview.”

Christian parents are absolutely furious that such a program would even exist, let alone be taken into consideration. Bishop Michael Doss, with Deliverance House of Prayer, said “My son will not be at a school where they’re preaching against what I believe.”


“I still have a baby in Tacoma schools,” said Doss. “And if I have to take my baby out of Tacoma schools, I’m going to homeschool because they want to allow this stuff. I’ll do that.”

Other parents have echoed similar concerns such as not knowing “who’s teaching it,” or “their motives behind it.” Starr insists that the program does not aim at converting kids, but rather is giving them an alternative to the current Christian-based after school care that, in Starr’s view, “teaches kids are sinners and worthless and they’re going to burn in hell for all eternity.”


Parents and local religious leaders gathered together to discuss their concerns over the program and its potential expansion into neighboring districts.


The Temple says that it aims to have the paperwork completely finished and filed by the beginning of November and hopes to begin the after school program as soon as possible. But its not without some resistance from church leaders and members of the community.

What do you think, should Satan have a place in our schools?