This Song Makes Me Proud Of Our Troops, Watch Before Liberals Take It Down

It’s been said before that the bonds that are made while serving our country will never be broken. But after watching this video honoring our troops, it brings a whole new meaning to the terms “brother” and “sister”. This is so incredibly moving, it brought me to tears.

Our troops are much more than coworkers — they’re family. The kind of family that has each other’s back through thick and thin, peace and war. These men and women fight alongside each other and would give their lives up for one another.

After watching this video, I’ll never think of this song (Hey Brother by Avicii) the same again. This powerful video is life changing. You just have to see this!

May God bless our faithful troops and their praying families. May we never forget to pray for our brave men and women of service. May we never forget all that they’ve sacrificed for our freedom. Because freedom is very costly. Please share to remind others to pray for our troops. God Bless America!