They Start By Rubbing Their Palms Together. Seconds Later, I Am Covered In Goosebumps

Within the first few seconds of this video you’ll realize you’re witnessing the glorious work of God. This video will captivate you to the core, and leave you longing for more. It’s a truly remarkable performance that’s giving viewers around the world goosebumps, and it’s easy to see why.

When this choir performed one of the most popular songs from the 1980s, they decided to do a rendition that’s unique and outstanding. I guarantee you have never heard a rendition like this before — but in reality it’s the hidden message behind this performance that’s made this video a sensation.

The 1982 song “Africa” was recorded by American rock band Toto, and it instantly became a megahit. It has been covered infinite times, but none of them compare to the Angel City Chorale’s version.

This video will definitely bring a smile to your face and keep it there for a while. The intro to this song is thrilling, and you feel the heart and soul of this song more and more as each note passes. You seriously won’t want it to end!

It’s impossible to pick a favorite part of this performance. The Angel City Chorale received a roaring standing ovation from the entire room. It’s truly inspiring to see them use their God-given gift of singing.

After watching this video, you’ll know why viewers around the world love it so much. Some have confessed to watching it over and over on loop, while some revealed it brought tears to their eyes.

So what’s the hidden message behind this performance? It’s a subtle reminder of the glory that comes when we unite in harmony to serve others as steward’s of God’s varied grace. This video surely wouldn’t have gone viral if they all sang the same note. By the grace of God, Angel City Chorale used their unique gifts to create a beautiful masterpiece that touches hearts everywhere.

I have always loved this song; I have played this video over and over and cry everytime, watching the joy on the choir’s faces is awesome- GREAT JOB!” said YouTube user Donna Fleming.

“I’m blown away. OUTSTANDING creativity and command of voice! Bravo!” said YouTube user Garrett Weaver.

Watch the stunning performance right now:

Wasn’t that amazing? I can’t wait to share this touching performance with all my loved ones!

Featured Image Credit: Angel City Chorale/YouTube / Embedded Image Credit: Angel City Chorale/YouTube