Steve Harvey Gives The Perfect Explanation On Love That EVERYONE Should Hear

Steve Harvey always has pearls of wisdom to share, but how he explains the way love is shown really puts things into perspective for me.

The feminist movement around the country would have you think that being referred to as someone’s “wife” is derogatory, but what Steve Harvey just shared may have you singing a different tune.

During a segment of his show Steve discussed how men and women show love differently, and after Steve’s explanation, it’s easier to decipher certain behaviors.


Since the dawn of time man has been different from woman. That’s just science, folks, but aside from our physical differences there are also psychological differences as well.

During his show, Steve does an excellent job of explaining how men show love to the women in their lives, and he makes an awful lot of sense. Never have I seen someone so easily explain how men love in contrast to the way women do it.


According to Harvey, men show their love in three ways: Profess, provide, and protect. When a man loves a woman he will profess it by using terms like “wife” or “girlfriend” when referring to their significant other. This isn’t a man saying that he owns his partner, but rather the man cares so much that the woman has earned a title. In essence, it’s a man’s way of making sure others know their partners are important to them.

When a man loves a woman, according to Steve, he will do everything he can to provide for her. A man doesn’t want to see those he loves struggle, or suffer, so providing gives them a chance to show love.

Finally, Steve says that a man will show love through how he protects his woman. Keeping your loved ones safe is, at least to Steve, the most important thing that a man can provide his spouse and family.


Take a look at the segment for yourself, and see if you agree with what Steve says. This is definitely useful for people who are in new relationships, and having a tough time knowing “what’s going on in their head” when dealing with significant others:

Every single person is different, but we share a lot of similarities, and Steve is just pointing out traits that occur naturally. Sure, some men are more sensitive, or better at fixing appliances, but in the end a man wants to make sure his woman is taken care of, safe, and feels loved.

Thank you, Steve, for taking the time to break down love for us! Hopefully this will only alow us to love even better than before!