Her Performance Moved Steve Harvey To Tears, But The Story Behind Her Voice Is Even More Powerful

I’ve heard young girls sing, but I’ve never heard them sing LIKE THIS. Don’t underestimate her small frame, this little lady’s voice packs a heavy punch.

I’ve watched countless videos of young singers, but when I heard the powerful voice of this little princess, I knew she was special.

All the way from the Philippines, 12-year-old Elha Nympha appeared on Steve Harvey’s amateur talent show, ‘Little Big Shots’ last week.

I must admit that I was doubtful when I realized that Elha had opted to sing Sia’s hit song, “Chandelier.”  The famous track is known to be incredibly difficult to sing, as it requires exceptional training and vocal range.

But my jaw dropped as Elha perfectly executed every note and stunned the unsuspecting audience. I just couldn’t hold back the tears!

After Elha’s incredible performance, Steve Harvey was so overwhelmed with emotions, he couldn’t help but share.

It should be noted that the “whistle notes” Elha sings are extremely difficult for most singers to hit and used by powerful singers like Mariah Carey and Christina Aguilera.

Her voice is simply mesmerizing. But arguably one of the most surprising things about this little powerhouse is her story. When I learned all that she’s overcome at such a young age I just couldn’t hold back the tears.

Littl’e Elha’s beloved father tragically passed away in December of 2014. The loss was beyond devastating for Elha, who was very close to her father before he died.

But little Elha is as resilient as they come, so she set out to help her mom earn enough money to feed her and her three siblings.

Elha explained, “My father passed away and then I started selling banana cue to have money to study, to eat food.”

Elha sold banana cue (homemade fried bananas) in the market to help out her single mom– and occasionally bursted into song in hopes of attracting more customers.

Little Elha has already overcome so much in her short life, this is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen or heard!

I promise, you don’t want to miss this, watch little Elha’s jaw-dropping and emotional performance in the video below: 

Wasn’t that just beautiful?! Now tell me honestly, did you ever think a twelve year old could sing like that?

Please share if little Elha Nympha’s powerful story encouraged your heart and inspired you today.