Did Taylor Swift Cross The Line With This Full Nude Scene? (Video)

Musician Taylor Swift shocked many after she seemingly appeared nude in a music video (below).

On Oct. 23, the star uploaded the controversial clip for the song “Ready For It?” on Instagram, the Daily Mail reports.

In the video, Swift plays the role of a seemingly naked robot, surprising many accustomed to the singer’s relatively conservative style.

Swift looks like she has no clothing on, although it is likely she was wearing a nude bodysuit or that the image is digitally altered.

The clip immediately sparked debate and controversy online.

Many criticized the star and accused her of lacking self-respect.

“Geez can’t we think of something more clever and less stereotypically degrading of yourself for attention??” wrote one person in the Daily Mail’s comments section.

A few said Swift was sending out a “disempowering” message to women with the video.

“It’s alright to be sexy but there’s no really the need of showing so much,” said another. “That’s not empowering women; as a girl, I feel ’empowered’ by female engineers, doctors, physicians, etc. Women who use their brain to make a living.”

Others agreed, and also claimed the heavily edited clip might be harmful to girls.

“The image has clearly been digitally enhanced to create the appearance of a mathematically ‘perfect’ figure,” wrote a third commenter. “I don’t see how any of this is contributing to the psychological well-being of women and girls.”

Some said Swift was probably not naked, but still thought the simulated nudity was a problem.

“The reason she’s doing this is because she knows the appearance of being nude will attract huge attention,” commented another. “It doesn’t make her any better than ‘stars’ who actually do pose nude in videos. Apparently there are practically no female musicians left in the world who are able to, or will allow, their musical talent to speak for itself.”

Others blasted Swift for failing as a role model to her young fans.

“So much for being such a good role model to young kids because she doesn’t take her clothes off,” commented another.

Others defended the star.

“That’s sad to think you need a complete stranger to be a role model instead of you being one for your child!” shot back one individual to people criticizing Swift for being a bad example.

Some praised Swift for the video.

“Pretty much the hottest, most intelligent and business savvy woman on the planet,” wrote another who approved of Swift’s new image. “Her talent is only matched by her business and social acumen.”

“Tremendous,” added a second. “Just wish every woman worked has hard as she does to have THAT body.”

IFrameSources: Taylor Swift/InstagramDaily Mail / Featured Image: adrian mustredo/Flickr / Embedded Images: Big Machine via Daily Mail (2)