That Time ISIS Didn’t Really Plan To Blow Up NYE

Americans deserve the truth, even if that truth is tough to stomach.

Every day you’re told via mainstream media that ISIS is planning to attack you, the every day American citizen; somewhere, somehow, so that you need to be in perpetual fear.

Does that attack come?

No, it doesn’t actually. The ‘trusted’ F.B.I. will make an arrest, and all media reports it as a victory in the war on terror!

You’ll remember right before New Year’s there was a ‘warning’ that ISIS was planning a New Year’s Eve attack in New York City.

The 25-year young, Emanuel Lutchman, became the latest fall guy for a trumped up terror plot hatched by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The F.B.I. claims Lutchman was in contact with ISIS

This fact is never actually proven in the court records. They surely dance around the exact language and infer it though. If he’s in league with ISIS, where’s the hardcore proof? If he’s talking to them on his computer, there’ll be a cookie trail of IP addresses. But the F.B.I. knows the public knows little to nothing about how computers and the internet work, so no one can bring this point up.

Who actually bought the weapons?

The F.B.I. has a knack for finding the dumbest, poorest guys out there to be their patsies. It’s almost as if they want to get caught doing this stuff, but the public just believes everything hook, line, and sinker.

Lutchman actually claimed he couldn’t buy the supplies for this attack, and the F.B.I. informant posing as his friend had to front him the money.

Here’s where thinking people start asking real questions.

Alternet asks some great questions:

1. Was Lutchman aware that he was being set up by the F.B.I. and tried to bail, but was too deep in this trap to get out?

2. Was he a down-on-his-luck self-radicalized lone wolf who couldn’t muster the $40 to carry this attack out?

Allow us to recall for you Nicholas Michael Teausant. He was 21-year-old college student who was persuaded to try and blow up sections of the L.A. subway system by someone who he thought was ISIS. He only communicated with this person via Facebook. He quickly learned however that this was a troll, and he was being set up as a patsy.

His plan was to flee to Syria after the attack and join ISIS, but when he realized this whole plot was a honey pot (espionage recruitment) he attempted fleeing to Canada and was picked up at the border by government officials.

This same thing also happened with Terry Lee Loewen. He was the employee at the Dwight D. Eisenhower airport and thought it would be a good idea for him to try and blow it up. Again he was talking to ISIS online, but it was really the F.B.I. They gave him a fake bomb, and arrested him at the airport.

See what’s happening here?

Back to Lutchman…

His grandmother says that couldn’t even afford diapers for his baby. And if he’s really in league with a nihilistic death cult who makes millions of dollars a day selling oil to the world, why can’t they send him more than $40?

Maybe because he’s not.

According to the affadavit he got cold feet and wanted to back out, but his ‘friends’ who were helping him were actually F.B.I. informants and convinced him to try and do this thing.

Lutchman also has a history of mental health problems as well. And here’s the thing, To the public the F.B.I. is foiling a plot, but in reality it’s a plot they created. If they knew this guy has mental issues, why don’t they try and get him help? Instead they sell him down this river and arrest him for something he would have never been capable of – had the F.B.I. sifted him like wheat.

Is he an innocent guy with a squeaky clean record? No.

Would he have been capable of this “Plot” without the help of the F.B.I.?