‘The Guardian’ Claims Christians Should Give Up The Bible In Order To Diminish ‘Homophobia’

The Guardian’s self-identified “Christian dissident,” Keith Mascord, has claimed that the Bible is the culprit for homophobia running rampant among Christians. He proposes that if Christians leave behind the Bible, they will learn to support “marriage equality.”

The British national daily newspaper featured his article arguing his stance on the grounds that the Bible has consistently been proven historically inaccurate. The Reverend Mascord, that is, uses the example of the church persecuting Nicholas Copernicus who’s discoveries were quickly deemed heretical in nature. His points on evolution and Adam and Eve are included in his argument as well.

There’s multiple faulty arguments in his case about the importance of the Bible and it’s actual historical significance.


There have been multiple archaeological findings that have proven the stories in the Bible, and what he references as fact are still rooted in theory only.

What’s terrifying is his blatant disregard for religious liberty in his article. He desires to take away one’s liberty to be able to establish another. It is hypocritical is it not?

“We need to acknowledge that the Bible, for all of its beauty, wisdom and on-going relevance, is an ancient text, pregnant with ancient assumptions and beliefs, many of which we no longer reasonably hold.

We no longer believe in an earth-centric universe. We no longer reasonably believe in a young earth, or that the populations of the world can be traced back to two first-created humans known as Adam and Eve.”
– Keith Mascord

His article raises a very brutal wake-up call for those of us who hold steadfast to the Christian faith.

Do we all really understand what we believe?

It’s important for us to really understand our faith. The Bible is one pillar of a larger system of beliefs. We also depend on the Holy Spirit to reveal things to us.

The only way we’ll combat this is by becoming firmly rooted in God and understanding what it really means to be a Christian.

What do you think about Mascord’s claims?”