The Second These 14 Students Take Their First Breath In Unison You’ll Never Forget The Sound Of Heaven That Follows

At first glance, this group looks like an ordinary bunch of college students, but when they gather they are anything but ordinary.

The Lee University in Cleveland Tennessee brings together thousands of students every semester. Over the years, groups have formed and traditions have been made. There is one, both a group and tradition.

14 students join together and when they step onto the stage, they command your attention. They are known for their phenomenal ability to sing. And not just any old singing, they are an a cappella group.

The level of talent and wide range of voices come together in a shockingly powerful way. Their voices come together as one and will give you chills.

The group is called Voices of Lee and their director Danny Murray has finely tuned each person’s raw talent.

Voices of Lee began in 1994 when the president of the university, Dr. Paul Conn wanted create a recognizable group for the school. The task was put in Murray’s hands and he delivered!

Murray had been a musician all his life and was heavily involved with music in his church. And his students love him!

 It has been said that, “Murray is a favorite choral clinician who brings practical instruction, humor and a lot of heart to inspire singers to present their musical worship with excellence.”

The group of students has become an iconic staple of the school. Their talent inspires everyone who watches them perform.

Watch this incredible performance by the Voices of Lee

Didn’t that video give you chills? It’s refreshing to see the amazing impact this group is making on the world while sharing the love of Jesus Christ. Please share this moving video!