“The View” Is About To Get Cancelled For The Best Reason Ever, I Respect ABC

Looks like it’s the beginning of the end for Rosie & Whoopi. ABC is considering abandoning “The View” and extending Good Morning America as the yelling matches have been insufferable to audiences all across the country. Looks like the yelling matches and the blasphemous arguments that mock Jesus & the bible are over!

It’s been reported that ratings have plunged due to Rosie & Whoopi’s back and forth bickering, and not only that, but viewers have been complaining that even when they aren’t bickering to each other, they hi-jack interviewers as well.

The long-running show could end after this season. It appears that not only are Goldberg & Rosie created a bad vibe on set for show, but it has spilled over to the back end of things. Behind the scenes, producers say that it is pulling teeth working around them, and it doesn’t seem to be getting better at all.

It’s also in talks that ABC could extend GMA and bring back something called “Good Afternoon America”.

If you happened to stop watching The View (we don’t blame you) and aren’t really aware of the foolishness that’s going on… here’s a clip on why the show could get shut down.

Yeah… and to think, this kind of thing happens CONSTANTLY, on a daily basis! We don’t blame you ABC, even if Good Morning Afternoon isn’t that great, ANYTHING is better than this!