Their Eyes Rolled At Her Christian Song, When She Hits The High Note? This Is CHURCH!

When I heard this 15-year-old had the audacity to sing one of Vince Gill’s most beautiful songs on American Idol, I prepared myself for disappointment.

To my surprise, this teenager brought the heart-wrenching song to life like never before, and she even received a standing ovation from all three judges.

Fifteen-year old Tristan McIntosh first stole our hearts during her emotional American Idol audition when her military mom (who had been serving overseas) surprised her.


Tristan has made it all the way to American Idol’s Top 8 and the competition is tough- but Tristan just proved she’s even tougher.

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Accompanying herself on the piano, the 15-year-old performed Vince Gill’s emotional ballad “Go Rest High On That Mountain.”

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In addition to the standing ovation, Tristan’s talented rendition left all three judges praising her God-given gift as a country singer.

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“You really are a country singer,” Harry Connick Jr. told her. “I love when you sing country songs.”

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Keith Urban was so moved by Tristan’s performance that he even praised her on Twitter and thanked Vince Gill for creating such an amazing song. Check out his tweet:

The lyrics to “Go Rest High On That Mountain” written by Vince Gill will move anyone to tears. When I found out who Tristan was thinking of when she sang the emotional ballad, I was amazed by her performance even more.

“I know your life on earth was troubled and only you could know the pain. You weren’t afraid to face the devil, you were no stranger to the rain. Go rest high on that mountain son, your work on earth is done. Go to heaven a-shoutin’ love for the Father and the Son. Oh, how we cried the day you left us, we gathered round your grave to grieve. I wish I could see the angels faces when they hear your sweet voice sing.”

Watch Tristan’s beautiful performance of Vince Gill’s “Go Rest High On That Mountain” right now:

Amazing, right?! Hard to believe Tristan is just 15-years-old.

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