These Parents Were Destroying A WWII Memorial, Watch This News Anchor Set Em’ Straight

With our former president’s painfully obvious lack of honor for our loyal troops, it’s no wonder our country is still following suit. This is despicable!

It can be easy to grow overwhelmed with our country’s lack of respect. But it’s been said time and time again that every child is really just a reflection of their parents. And this story proved just that.

When an NBC12 reporter visited the World War II Memorial in Washington D.C., he was SHOCKED at what he found.

Curt Autry was outraged to witness several children and their parents making a mockery out of the fallen Veterans’ Memorial in D.C. Autry’s Facebook rant has gone viral — and we’re not the least bit surprised!

The fountain at the WW II memorial is not the slip and slide at Busch Gardens. I apologize to the Greatest Generation, I…

Posted by Curt Autry NBC12 on Monday, July 20, 2015

I won’t lie, something such as this can almost be expected from a child. But an adult… who can read… and knows the cost of freedom. It’s such a disgrace I can hardly bear it.

Shoes aside… laughing, splashing, and taking photos… What would you have done if you had caught these parents in the act?

Please share if you aim to raise your children right. Our loyal Veterans deserve nothing less than our upmost honor and respect.