These Thieves Stole From The Wrong Man’s Porch, Turns Out He Knows How To Get Sweet Revenge

It’s an incomprehensible thing to be robbed. But a thief stealing something from the comfort of your own home? Just the thought of it alone is so violating it makes me shudder. But when this man caught a thief at his front door, his reaction was epic. This is amazing!

It was a normal day at home as usual for Ken Jensen in Concord, California, when things took a turn for the worse after noticing a strange man in tattered jeans and an old t-shirt on his front porch.

Jensen’s home surveillance footage showed the man jump out of a white car and make a mad dash to his front door to steal packages sitting on the doorstep.

Thankfully, Jensen happens to be a fast runner — and chased the thief all the way to his vehicle.

What Jensen does next is pure genius. You have to see this!

Can you believe that? Thank God no one was injured. I hope the thief and his accomplice were caught and learned their lesson!