Women Are Going After ISIS And They’re Running Scared Cause They Don’t Want To Be Killed By A Chick

Throughout history, courageous women have been a hallmark – from Queen Esther who said, “If I die, I die,” in the face of her people’s persecution, to Joan of Arc who rode into battle saying, “I am not afraid… I was born to do this.” With strength and beauty, they bravely take on evil forces for the defense of others and the cause of justice.

But there’s a new force of women rising. Some of them you might have heard of, but many others you haven’t. They’re not clothed in burqas; rather, in military uniforms with AK-47s strapped to their sides.

They’re the women on the frontlines in the battle against the evil of ISIS. Believe it or not, the fighters from the Islamic State are running away from these women in fear for their lives. The amazing reason why? Because ISIS soldiers are afraid to die at the hands of a woman because they believe they won’t receive their 72 virgins in “heaven” if they do.



Not only do we have women in our military to thank for fighting bravely, but Kurdish women—including some who joined ranks after being displaced from their homes in conflict zones — who are gathered in northern Iraq and the Kurdish areas of Syria to bear arms and fight the enemy.

One 27-year-old female Kurdish fighter named Tekoshin fighting in northern Iraq recently said, “I think [ISIS] were more afraid of us than of the men. They believe they’ll go to hell if they die at a woman’s hands.”

We must remember to pray for our sisters in battle. Prayer is the greatest weapon. But I would also say, maybe it’s time for us to pick up our guns and be ready in case ISIS comes close to home. After all, they’re scared of women… So ‘Annie, get your gun!’


“Lovely one, no longer think of yourself as targeted. You were first chosen to be a sword lifted in His hand. Live like a Hero and you will strike a sure blow to the enemy and captives will be set free.” – Lisa Bevere, Girls With Swords