They Asked Celine Dion “Can You Sing For Our Troops?” Her Response Took My Breath Away

Celine Dion is without a doubt one of the most talented vocalists that ever existed. Thankfully, we just found a video of her honoring our troops in the most beautiful way. This video took my breath away!

Although her nationality is Canadian, Celine Dion’s performance of “God Bless America” confirms her appreciation of our amazing country.

Celine, now 47 years old, performed the patriotic classic aboard the USS Harry S. Truman in a tribute to the U.S. military. I’ve heard this song a million times, but this Grammy-winner’s rendition just blew my mind!


Celine’s flawless vocals and powerhouse dynamics perfectly capture the passion behind the patriotic song. It gave me chills to see military members and other celebrities join the timeless beauty on stage in the middle of her performance to share their patriotism too!

Watch the epic performance right now!

Celine’s voice is just as beautiful as she is! What an amazing way to honor our military and glorify God with the talent she has been blessed with. This video made me proud to be an American, please share if you are too!