They Called Grandma Into The Principal’s Office, The Crazy Reason Why? UNREAL

Teachers have a huge impact on the lives of their students, but this teacher’s life-changing gift might save one of her own.

Wisconsin first-grade teacher Jodi Schmidt had called in her student’s grandmother for a sit-down, but nobody could’ve predicted what would happen next.

Chris Burelton had been taking care of her sick granddaughter for quite some time, and the staff at the school wanted to give her a gift for her efforts. That gift ended up being a life-saver.

Knowing that her student, Natasha Fuller (Chris’ granddaughter) needed a kidney, Jodi made a visit to her doctor, and discovered her kidney was a match.

Shortly after the discovery, the school principal called Chris in for a visit. thinking her granddaughter was getting in trouble, Chris prepared for the bad news, but she couldn’t have been more wrong:

Teachers impact the lives of everyone in one way or another. They equip us with tools and knowledge that help us out for a lifetime, and some times they go above and beyond and literally save lives. Jodi Schmidt is a shining example of not only what it means to be a teacher, but also what it means to be a loving human being.

We LOVE teachers! God bless you Jodi Schmidt!