Texas Court Rules In Favor Of Football Team And Cheerleaders Using Bible Verses

Score another point for religious freedom.

The Texas Supreme Court has just upheld a ruling that protects religious slogans and phrases being used on cheerleading banners at high school sporting events for Kountze Independent School District..

Back in 2012, a group called the Freedom From Religion Foundation sent letters to the Kountze ISD in Texas asking for the removal of certain religious texts from being displayed on banners at football games and other events.

Some of the banners displayed Bible verses and other spiritual quotes. Things like “I can do all things through Christ,” are apparently offensive to some. Heck, I bet some folks get offended hearing “Jesus loves you.”

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The district originally complied with the request, and began banning biblical texts from being used by cheerleaders on their signs. However, this didn’t last too long when parents of the cheerleaders sued, citing that the cheer squad was a “private organization” and had the right to free speech.

The case went all the way to the Texas Supreme Court, where the judges unanimously ruled in favor of the cheerleaders. Justice John Phillip Devine delivered the following opinion on the matter:

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“The district no longer prohibits the cheerleaders from displaying religious signs or messages on banners at school-sponsored events. But that change hardly makes it ‘absolutely clear’ that the district will not reverse itself after this litigation is concluded, without the cheerleaders’ requested declaratory and injunctive relief.”

This is a huge win for religious freedom, as the highest court in the Lone Star State has ruled in favor of the First Amendment, and is allowing individuals to express themselves.


So to recap, a private group of cheerleaders were making banners that had Bible verses written on them. Without doing any research of their own, a liberal group from Wisconsin demanded that the banners be taken down, simply because of the word “God.” Basically, the group was asking that the district limit freedom of speech.


If there’s one characteristic that Texans share it’s that they don’t like being told what to do. I’m glad this school district didn’t give in.

Do YOU support these cheerleaders?