They Thought It Was Just Another Baseball Game, But This Father/Son Outing Didn’t End Like The Rest

Baseball. The great American pastime. Baseball has been entertaining people for over 150 years and will likely continue for another 150 years.

Most people know that baseball can be a dangerous sport to play. With leather-laced balls being hurled close to 100 miles per hour just feet away from your body, the threat is obvious. But what some people are not as aware of is the dangers of just watching baseball!

Foul balls go speeding into the stands all the time, normally for a lucky fan to take as a souvenir. Sometimes though, an unlucky, unsuspecting fan gets the worst of that line-drive.

Something that you do not see too often at these games, though, is a baseball bat flying towards your 8-year-old son’s face! But that is the exact situation Shaun Cunningham found himself in at a Braves-Pirates game.

His son, Landon, was getting to watch his favorite team play, taking in every moment of the experience. While he was taking a few pictures to remember the day, Landon got a memory he will never forget. A bat had slipped out of the batter’s hand and came flying into the stands, but luckily dad was there to save the day!

Shaun jumped in for the rescue, shooting his arm out to protect his son’s face.

“I was watching the game and I saw the bat flying,” Shaun said. “It just slipped out of Danny Ortiz’s hand. And I saw it heading towards him [Landon]. I didn’t have a lot of time. Guess I’d call it Dad-mode. Just protecting my son.”

The most inspirational thing about this story is that, if you look at the picture, every other person is instinctively moving away from the bat. But not Shaun. The instinct for this dad was “I need to protect my son.”

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