They Once Told President Bush He Was Unfit To Lead Too, But Then He Did The Impossible

Throughout his entire presidency many have questioned whether or not President Barack Obama has shown enough support for the men and women in service.

The same could not be said about his predecessor, George W. Bush, who has always shown gratitude to our troops, and was supported by them in return.

Amidst some of America’s toughest times, President Bush was able to unify the country, and restore a sense of pride in what it meant to be an American following 9/11. A lot has changed since he left office.


While serving as commander-in-chief, it wasn’t uncommon for Bush to make a surprise stop to boost the morale of our soldiers abroad. Even if it meant going to war torn countries himself, the President would make the journey, and show the men and women who defend our freedoms he had their backs.


These days it seems as though the only surprise stops the president makes are to hit the links, or take a beach vacation with the family. While that must be fun, it was nice to have a leader like President Bush who appeared to care incredibly deep for those in uniform.


Just look at how our troops react when the former president decides to make a surprise stop at an Iraqi military base. This is the kind of reaction you should expect when the president walks into a room full of patriots:

America was facing dark times, and following the terrorist attacks of September 11th, the U.S. needed their leader to act as a pillar of strength, and courage. He didn’t back down in the face of chaos, but instead called for the people of this great nation to come together, and combat the forces of evil throughout the world.


Aside from boosting morale, President Bush would sometimes show up and have a little fun. Right before the Thanksgiving address from the President could be read to the troops, the man on stage said he thought that it would be a better idea if the president himself would want to read it. You’ll never guess how the crowd reacted:

Thank you, President Bush, for showing us what it means to support our country, and those who do so much to protect. God Bless.