This CIA Has Been Proven To Be Spying On Every American, But What They Have To Say About It Is Infuriating

It’s no secret that somewhere deep within the CIA a whistleblower has exposed deep dark secrets.

There’s a couple of different ways to look at this. You can take it on face value and be shocked that the conspiracy theorists have been right all along. It turns out everything is bugged, and some form of the government has been listening to AND recording everything you say and do for a very long time.

The other slightly more subtle angle here is that the CIA is not denying the content released! The documents reveal that your smart TV, Phone, and even your car can be hacked! But again the CIA isn’t denying or downplaying the truth of these claims. They’re upset that now this technology is out in the public sphere.

Despite the non denial of the situation, the CIA is still embarrassed and going on the offensive. Dr. James Mitchell, spoke with Fox News about the severity of the incident. He was a CIA interrogator, so he’s really not someone you’d want to pick an argument with. He states the agency’s belief that whoever is responsible for the leak is a traitor.

So it’s OK for our intelligence agencies to track and record everything us normal civilians do, BUT to expose it is illegal, and those people should be treated like terrorists?

Ok, got it. Thanks!