Is Your Ring Finger Longer Than Your Index Finger? If So, This Is What It Means!

Like faces, not many hands are alike. But did you know that the secret to your personality traits can lie in your hands? Yes, you read that right.

According to to several scientific studies, the length of your ring finger can help show what kind of personality you have.

Apparently, according to science, the ring finger shows how much testosterone you were exposed to while you were growing in the womb, which can have an effect on your personality.

This is so wild, I can’t believe mine was spot on!

This Is What It Means When Your Ring Finger Is Longer Than Your Index Finger:

To see which category you fall into, outstretch your fingers and compare your hand to the diagrams below. If you fall under “A”, it means your ring finger is longer, “B” means your ring finger is shorter and “C” means your ring finger is even to your index finger.

Ring Finger

If you’re an “A”:

If your Ring finger is longer than the Index finger: It can be said that people with longer ring fingers are mostly good-looking. Most of them have the charm of a heartthrob. They’re also thought to be more aggressive, and more likely to take risks. They make better soldiers, engineers, speculators and chess players, and are better at solving problems such as crosswords. Researchers also found that those with longer ring fingers made more money than their short ring-fingered colleagues.

Ring Finger 3

If you’re a “B”:

If your Ring finger is shorter than the Index finger: People with shorter ring finger have high self-esteem and are kind of narcissistic. They enjoy solitude and dislike to be interrupted when they are having some alone time. They are not the type to take the initiative in love, instead, they tend to receive the affection that’s given to them.

Ring Finger 4

If you’re a “C”:

If your Ring finger and the Index finger are the same length: Those whose ring fingers and index fingers are the same length are peace loving and conflict makes them uncomfortable. They are very coordinative and always try to get along well with people. They are more likely to be faithful lovers. They are caring and gentle towards their partner.

Ring Finger 5

Amazing right? I couldn’t believe how spot on this was!

What kind of ring finger do you have, A, B, or C? Did the profile match your personality? Please share if this study was accurate in your case.