This Man Is Singlehandedly Revolutionizing The Way You See Robots

In 1994, Hollywood presented us with the movie version of the classic cartoon, Richie Rich. In it we saw what life could be like when unlimited amounts of money get directed towards science.

In the movie we get to see all sorts of crazy inventions, it was like “Richie” had his own personal DARPA: science for the sake of science. The greatest thing that came out of his lab had to be the ‘robot bee.’ It had video features, was remote-controlled, and the size of a real bee. Richie Rich invented micro drones.

We dug up a clip to show you:

Now, real science has created an actual bee drone!

Normally our first inclination would be to warn you of the dangers of encroaching science and the surveillance state, but this is just too cool. Science is catching up to the movies of our youth and there are now tiny bee robots!

The tiny robot developer at Harvard University says that robotics is the next internet.

They’ve developed a robot inspired by the bee. The bee by itself isn’t capable of much, it’s small and gets tired. But when you pair it with a whole hive, then it becomes interesting.

A big advancement has been made in this world because robots, or drones, are limited in part because of their size, since they can’t carry larger batteries. But according to Professor Robert Wood, the Harvard professor who founded Harvard’s microrobotics laboratory, they have now developed tiny robots that can adhere to surfaces to give its battery a chance to recharge.

Wood says that this project is still in its research stage and wouldn’t be ready for widespread use for another decade. So all of your ‘micro’ Orwellian nightmares can retreat into the closet until then.