This Map Showing Where ISIS Hides In America Is Absolutely Terrifying

The threat of ISIS is growing stronger every passing day, and as more and more Americans sign up for their cause, the dangers only become more prevalent.

Over the course of the last few weeks many American citizens have been arrested for their connection with ISIS, including a 20-year-old woman from Mississippi attempting to join ISIS in Syria with her boyfriend. She now faces a 20-year prison sentence, and $250,000 in fines.

This woman is just one of the many who are picking up the cause for the extremist group. Last week a 23-year-old Minnesota man, Abdul Raheem Habil Ali-Skelton, was arrested in a Walgreen’s for threatening to kill everyone in the store. The FBI had him on their radar already, and now he is being charged with lying about his ISIS contacts.

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With homegrown terrorism becoming an increasing threat, the idea of allowing an inpouring of refugees from the Middle East into our country seems a bit dangerous to many Americans. With weekly reports of terrorism happening abroad, many fear that allowing Muslim refugees into the U.S. will only bring those problems here.

Presidential candidate Donald Trump has proposed, at one point, to temporarily block all those claiming to be Muslim “until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on.” While there isn’t any sort of timetable, the focus of Trump’s message is that a proper vetting system needs to be put in place before immigrating thousands of Syrians (and others coming from that region).

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Before adding potential threats to the population, the various intelligence agencies need to find the domestic terrorists that live in our midst. You may not know it, but ISIS has insurgents everywhere. Whether they have the intention of bringing destruction, or are merely sympathetic to the jihadist cause, the threat of ISIS in America is very real. Below is a map of where ISIS supporters are believed to be in the United States.

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GOP candidate Ted Cruz was dragged through the mud for suggesting that police pay extra attention to neighborhoods with high Muslim populations. The left-wing media thinks that such a proposition is ridiculous, but with the growing threat of Americans becoming radicalized, many think it’s worth looking into.

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Every week it seems that there is another attack abroad, and conservative Americans are tired of being labeled as bigots, and racists for wanting a safer country. As ISIS has the rest of the western world in disarray, America is doing everything it can to combat them, and prevent them from bringing that chaos to our shores. Letting our guard down, especially after what happened in Brussels, is not a wise move.

Make sure your friends and family know the dangers that exist out there. ISIS will be defeated!