This Thug Attacked The Wrong McDonald’s Manager, Turns Out He Know How To Use His “McFists”

McDonald’s needs to add a “Knuckle Sandwich” to their menu and name it after this manager’s impressive self-defense skills. “McFists” could bring them more sales than their new 24/7 breakfast menu!

This video is insane.

When a customer viciously attacked a manager at a McDonald’s drive-thru in Minneapolis, he didn’t expect a brutal serving of instant justice.

It all started when this thug decided to pay for a $3 sandwich with a $100 bill. The cashier had to ask the manager for more change.

When the manager came to the drive-thru window, police said the customer attacked him for taking too long. What is the world coming to?!


In the video, you see the thug dragging the manager out of the drive-thru window by his tie. In fear for his life, the manager starts defending himself with some legendary boxing moves. McFists, coming’ right up!


You can hear McDonald’s employees yelling to “call 911” and see them trying to help their manager escape the vicious attack. It’s terrifying.

Watch the shocking footage right now:

Big Mac AttackA McDonald’s worker wasn’t “Lovin’ it” when a customer apparently launched into a vicious attack at the drive-thru window. The worker wasn’t going down without a fight:

Thankfully the manager was finally able to get back inside the window. Police arrested the customer, giving him an epic serving of McJustice.

Either this fool was drunk, or really, really, REALLY hungry (like Hulk-hungry), or just another entitled idiot with no respect for humanity. Either way, I doubt he was still hungry after eating all those knuckle sandwiches.