This Thug Chose The Wrong ATM To Rob And His Victim Turns The Tables

I’ve encountered endless hours of entertaining instant justice videos since working for QPolitical. However, this video takes the cake.

When a thug tried to rob this man at an ATM, he got served a brutal dose of instant justice.

The victim instantly fought back – and swerved to miss the robber’s swings like a champ. It’s like watching the Chinese ATM version of Muhammad Ali.

After a few gnarly punches and throwing the robber to the ground to deliver a few catastrophic kicks to his head, the victim was able to complete his ATM transaction… he even got his receipt! It’s hilarious.

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 11.22.44 AM

The best part is around 2:00 when you see the victim pressing ATM buttons to complete his transaction in between right hooks. Several viewers also noticed the robber’s left shoulder got dislocated around the 30-35 second mark.

Watch the shocking video right now:

OUCH! Hopefully this thug learned it’s better to make an honest than it is to get a brutal dose of instant justice after robbing someone.