The Real Story Behind Thomas Rhett’s Song, “Die A Happy Man” Will Move You To Tears

If the love story didn’t exist, then practically all literature and songs and almost every piece of art ever created would just disappear. We as humans need to always be refreshed with great love stories. There’s practically nothing better, and country singer Thomas Rhett may have one of the best yet.

Their love story will contend with the best of them, and Thomas has written a song about it. “Die A Happy Man,” is his ode the one great love of his wife, but would you believe that it almost didn’t happen?

Thomas and Lauren met in the first grade, and even had a brief romance in their early teen years, but as it were life had it’s way and they took separate paths. The two were actually both on the verge of marrying other people! If Lauren’s father hadn’t stepped in and told Thomas he might lose Lauren forever, we probably wouldn’t have this great love today!

What a beautiful story!

Once you know the story, Thomas’ lyrics carry so much more weight,

Baby, last night was hands down
One of the best nights
That I’ve had no doubt
Between the bottle of wine
And the look in your eyes and the Marvin Gaye
Then we danced in the dark under September stars in the pourin’ rain

And I know that I can’t ever tell you enough
That all I need in this life is your crazy love

If I never get to see the Northern lights
Or if I never get to see the Eiffel Tower at night
Oh, if all I got is your hand in my hand
Baby, I could die a happy man

Thomas and Lauren are great role models of what it looks like to never give up on love, and living treat the other person as more important than yourself!