Tim Allen Stepped On Stage, When He Opened His Mouth The Room Was Silenced

Tim Allen is no stranger to controversy and when he was a recent guest on Jimmy Kimmel, he had plenty to say about the surveillance state we now find ourselves living in.

Since the days of George Orwell, man has largely been concerned with how much their governments were able to surveil them. Since the CIA leaks we know this is a 100 percent fact, yet no one seems to be too bothered by it.

On air, Tim Allen shares an anecdote of how a tech friend of his doesn’t own a cell phone where the battery can’t be fully removed, because “THEY” are always listening. If that doesn’t disturb you, then probably nothing ever will.

Allen has found a renewed surge of popularity in the country because of his Libertarian views. Kimmel asked him about his attending different Inaugural Balls, and Allen seems to cover the bases that he attended both those of both Republican AND Democratic parties.

“I’m not attacking you,” Kimmel told him.

“You gotta be real careful around here, in this town if you don’t believe what everyone believes it’s like ’30s Germany,” said Allen. “I don’t know what happened? If you’re not part of the ‘group'”

Allen then adds,

“If a government drove by down the street in a gray sedan with a camera on it, you’d be rioting, going to Washington. But if it’s white, emojis, and has Google on it, you’re waving at it!”

In a world where it’s been proven that the CIA does in fact have the ability to hack anything at will, yet there is ZERO outrage, what will it take for people to take these matters seriously?

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