They Told Her “Don’t Pray At Graduation”, Her Response Left The Whole Room Cheering

When liberals forced East Liverpool High School to permanently remove the Lord’s Prayer from their graduation ceremony, the students responded in the most breathtaking way.

For nearly 70 years, a musical rendition of “The Lord’s Prayer” has been performed at East Liverpool High School’s commencement.

However, that sacred tradition was shattered to pieces when the Freedom From Religion Foundation demanded the school district to permanently remove “The Lord’s Prayer” — or keep the song and risk a lawsuit with a hefty price tag.

When the school district chose to drop the song, the graduating seniors at East Liverpool High School took a stand not only for their freedom of speech, but also their faith in God.


Before the end of the Valedictorian’s closing speech, he led the graduating class by reciting “The Lord’s Prayer.” All together, the graduating class prayed — despite liberals’ lawsuit threats — and without any approval or instruction from administrators.

When I saw how the crowd responded to the students’ bold move, I knew God was using these teens in extraordinary ways.

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Watch the full story right now:

While watching this priceless moment, our hope for humanity is restored in this: To see the youth of America, our future leaders — with odds upon odds stacked against them — taking a stand for their Christian faith. This is truly inspiring.

God bless the Class of 2016 at East Liverpool High School! Please keep them in your prayers as they begin this exciting new chapter in their lives.

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