TRAVEL ALERT: If You Live In These 8 States, You Can No Longer Use Your Driver’s License For Air Travel

In the last few weeks you’ve heard a lot about the difficulties of air travel, but it looks like things are going to get even tougher for travelers.

Getting through TSA takes long enough as is, with most people arriving well over an hour early just to make it through security.

Unfortunately for people living in the following states, it appears as though flying is about to become quite the hassle.

TSA is telling multiple states that their driver’s license do not meet certain security regulations, and their residents will be subject to submitting alternative identification. That means if you live in one of these states, a typical state issued ID won’t cut it.

The states not meeting TSA security standards are: Montana, Missouri, Washington, South Carolina, Maine, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and Kentucky. People from these states will be forced to show another form of ID, starting in 2018.

Acceptable forms of ID from residents of these states include passports, and permanent resident ID’s.

What makes this matter a huge concern is the fact that there are 17 states who risk residents experiencing the same fate, unless they reach compliance with the TSA.

The good news is states have the opportunity to extend the 2018 deadline. According to homeland security, so long as states are showing progress, they will see their deadline extended.

“Extensions are granted for a maximum of one year and may be renewed if a state demonstrates continued progress towards compliance.”

If you know anyone from a non-compliant state, be sure to let them know of these rule changes. Hopefully other states will make sure they are following the TSA guidelines. Nobody likes getting stuck in the airport!