Trump Had No Idea The Camera Was Still On Him, What I Saw Gave Me Chills

In a time where celebrities get on their knees and insult our troops we are on the lookout for moments of patriotism that leave us speechless. President Trump is no stranger to supporting our Military and showing them the respect they deserve.

During a Memorial Day celebration trump was spotted doing something during the Star Spangled Banner that set the internet on fire. when the camera zoomed in it caught a moment I will never forget.

Did you catch that?

President Trump was caught singing along with the song and dancing a bit while on stage. He also made sure to place his hand on his heart the entire time.

Sadly the Liberal mafia was out and attacked hime for singing saying that is was rude.

They are completely wrong. Theres nothing more respectful than sharing a moment of Patriotism with our soldiers. If you listen closely you can even hear them singing along in the background.

Thank you Trump for taking care of and showing respect for our men and women in uniform.