Trump Just Released Some Tragic News, And Nobody Saw This Coming

Polls have recently been released, and all indications point to Donald Trump not only winning the Republican nomination, but taking the White House as well.

Trump is garnering the support of minority groups, much to the surprise (and disdain) of every political pundit. For months we’ve heard the “Trump won’t appeal to the black and hispanic voter” record play over and over, but, according to polls, that is not the case.

Trump just released tragic news for the Democrats. Did someone die? NO. But this means that the Democrats can’t just parade Hillary around and expect to win. And that’s a tragedy for their campaign, and I LOVE it. Trump is here to fight.

Trump needs our prayers that his message is heard by conservatives and received by the rest of America.

Stunning results in the latest SurveyUSA Poll: Trump is drawing support of 25% black, 31% Hispanic. No Republican has…

Posted by Larry Schweikart on Monday, September 7, 2015

In a USASurvey poll, Trump received 31% of the hispanic vote, and 25% of the black vote. To put that into perspective, a Republican candidate hasn’t posted these kinds of numbers since Ronald Reagan. Clearly, Trump’s message is resonating with Americans from all walks of life.

There’s no doubt that Trump has, for the moment, emerged as the candidate that conservatives want to support. His “politically-incorrect” way of speaking is a breath of fresh air to conservative Americans, as is his “tell it like it is” attitude.

Expect those in the media to do anything and everything in their power to derail the Trump train. The establishment doesn’t know how to handle someone who isn’t begging for campaign funds, and is interested in helping the people, rather than corporations.

Please pray for Trumps campaign and that Americans finally wake up and see how bad it really is under Democrat leadership.