They Tried To Tell Trump He Can’t Say “Merry Christmas”, His Response Set Them All Straight

Every year at Christmas we get backlash from the public who want to just use a blanket, “Happy Holidays,” and not actually say, “Merry Christmas.” Many Americans find this offensive, and thank God, Donald Trump does as well.

Donald Trump is extremely aware of this aspect of the culture war, and he is firmly on the side of saying, “Merry Christmas.” In fact he declared while campaigning that he will save the term, and make it the norm once again.

“We have to be careful as Christians, the progressives are pushing to an extent that if we’re not careful we’re going to have some big problems-even bigger than we have now. We need people that can support us, we need people that are strong and smart, that can back us. The word Christmas, I love Christmas, you go to stores and it doesn’t say the word Christmas, it says ‘Happy Holidays.’ Where’s Christmas? I tell my wife, ‘Don’t go to those stores.'”

“I want to see Christmas. You’re going to see it if I get elected. I can tell you right now.”

People or so offended by the term ‘Merry Christmas,’ because it forces them to say “Christ.” It’s as simple as that. We live in a secular society, which means anything religious is pretty acceptable, but anything that has to deal with Jesus directly is offensive. Jesus, and people empowered to live how Christ lived on this earth is the only thing that’s going to turn this country around.