Trump Brings Unemployed Vet On Stage And Hires Her On The Spot

It’s easy for politicians to make promises for change when it comes to certain things, but Donald Trump just followed through on something he’s been saying since the start of his campaign.

Donald Trump called for a press conference to inform the public of his new hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue, just blocks from the White House. He boasted on the hotel, which is being refurbished from the city’s historic Old Post Office Pavilion, that it would be done under budget and ahead of schedule.

Hands went up from reporters who were eager to ask questions, and Mr. Trump called on Alicia Watkins, and she did not expect what was coming.


Ms. Watkins is a former Air Force staff sergeant who survived the 9/11 attack at the Pentagon, and served in Afghanistan and Iraq. She was attending the press conference as a freelance writer investigating about jobs for veterans.

She asked Trump if the new hotel would be included in his jobs for veterans programs, and he replied,

“We are doing some of that. What are you looking for, what kind of position?”

He then brought her up on stage and began to discuss a deal with her.

Watch what happens:

He gave her a job.

It’s not everyday you actually see a politician follow through on his or her word, but I guess Donald Trump isn’t your typical politician now, is he?


Does this incline you to think Donald Trump will follow through with the rest of his plans?