Trump Was Right About Obama’s Wire Taps, NSA Agent Claims To Have Proof

A new week, a new scandal, as the world is sure they have Donald Trump cornered once again.

He took to Twitter once again to tell the world the unfiltered truth about the assault he is under. The media is content to still participate in the cover up and pretend that President Obama was the greatest President ever, and that Donald Trump’s administration is a horrible accident.

We knew he suspected it the entire time, but he never out and out said it, until just a few days ago. Donald Trump actually suspect that during the 2016 election, President Obama had Trump Tower wiretapped and basically anything else he could get his hands on.

Trump has really taken it on the chin with this one, no one is giving him an inch of credibility here. Everyone has surrounded and are protecting President Obama. The media themselves don’t even know what’s involved in wiretapping or the true extent of it, they simply do as they are told.

However, one man has come forward backing up Trump’s claims.

Bill Binney, who worked at NSA for 36 years and resigned in protest after 9/11 when he saw how the agency turned its gaze toward the American people. He knows definitively that Trump Tower and many other outlets were wiretapped, and he has the proof to back it up.

Binney explains every single communication has been collected definitively since then. We know through other lawsuits that “Black Rooms” have existed since 2003, that exist solely to monitor and record live internet traffic.

Trump is sitting on more information than he’s releasing at this moment. Trump is actually very good at timing and will drop the hammer when his opponents think things couldn’t get any worse for him.