Trump Rushed Out Of The White House Without Telling Anyone, The Reason Why Left Me In Tears

No President wants to send soldiers to their deaths, but it is a part of war. When a soldier dies in harms way the pain creates a ripple effect that may never really go away.

Thankfully, our new Commander in Chief understands this very well. When Chief Petty Officer, William Ryan Owens was killed this week in a rain in Yemen, President Trump paused his schedule to visit Dover Air Force Base for Owens’ dignified transfer.

President Trump’s actions have not gone unnoticed by the military community. It’s important that Trump stay close to the military to remember that these brave men he will be sending to carry out attacks for our country all have wives and families back home.

Jane Horton joined Fox and Friends to share her condolences and thoughts on the matter. Her husband was an Army sniper and killed in Afghanistan by ambush in 2011. She’s a member of the “Gold Star” community, and relates that they are hopeful from what they’ve seen so far from Trump, that he will honor their fallen the way they deserve to be honored.

“We’re hoping that it sets a precedent for the future that he will continue to do things like this,”

Our military deserves our utmost respect for their daily sacrifice to our country. Thank you, Mr. Trump for honoring them.