Trump Supporters Attacked And Beaten At Berkeley Turning Rally Into A Bloody Fight

This past weekend, members of the “March 4 Trump” rally, a demonstration used to show support of President Trump and free speech, were met with hostility from a counter-demonstration group in downtown Berkeley.

According to Kathy Zhu, an organizer of the rally, the leftist group known as “By Any Means Necessary” showed up to the event to physically harm those who were in support of President Trump.

The result of the clash was chaos. Signs and clothes were burnt, fists were thrown, and mace was spreayed in the eyes of an elderly Trump supporter. After the police’s smoke bomb cleared, ten of those “tolerant liberals” were arrested for assault.

The “March 4 Trump” demonstrators immediately saw this aggression as an assault on their “march for free speech,” as political activist Rich Black put it. He went on to add “we had a free speech banner that these leftist agitators burnt. It is quite clear that this isn’t so much about Trump versus whomever – Democrats versus Republicans – this is a dangerous Marxist ideology that has literally infiltrated the minds of American youth and is growing like a cancer. It needs to be stopped.”

Kathy Zhu had similar thoughts, however she focused on the censoring of free speech by the left. “Whatever we speak, whatever we say that doesn’t relate to the left, or that doesn’t correlate with their political agenda – we get censored.”

The rally was meant to promote the First Amendment, but it would appear the left has no interest in preserving free-speech for those who aren’t like-minded.

“For them to censor us, because we’re protesting and we are advocating for the First Amendment rights – that is not ok,” Zhu said. “That is un-American, and that is unjust.”

She is exactly right, this is absolutely un-American. There were multiple members of the rally treated for injuries following the incident, but of course main-stream media has been silent. They show footage of Trump supporters acting out, but the violence of the left seems to go dismissed. I wonder why that is!